We design, manufacture and deliver one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces of the highest quality.

Saraswati Daybeds

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of Art. We believe that art holds transformative power to elevate spaces and moods. Our hand-crafted daybeds are made from the highest quality woods and fabrics. The art wall is completely interchangeable. With one customization appointment, we can update the background with ease to create an entirely new vibe.

Perajin Carved Bed

While traveling through Bali, we were fascinated by the incredible attention to detail in the local craftsmanship. We designed a bed which embodies the skillful artisanship to create a true statement piece.

Banyak Teak Bed

Banyak means “many” in Bali. Our Banyak Teak Bed is made up of many pieces of solid teak and is over 80 inches tall. We drew inspiration from the islands around Indonesia, which all exist independently yet make up one beautiful country. 

Black River Stools

Our Black River Stools are the only of their kind in the world. We teamed up with LA-based power duo Christina Twomey and Bobby Marsden to create these timeless, show-stopping indoor bar stools.

Indra Hand Carved Dresser

We designed this floating dresser with simplicity and style in mind. The crystal door handles give a zen nod to Bali’s spiritual world, whilst perfectly accentuating the hand carved facade.

Bobot Accent Table

In Bali, there are entire living structures crafted from only a couple of pieces of solid wood, as though they grew from the ground that way. We wanted to bring that simplistic beauty into our collection. The Bobot Accent Table is 3 pieces of solid teak wood. Simple. Timeless. Grounded.

Suited to you

Every piece is created to fit your space. We source only the highest quality materials, and bring them to life with our partners in Eastern Asia. No detail overlooked, no expense spared.